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Why Romania?

Proven outsourcing and nearsourcing hub

Romania is the outsourcing hub for IBM, SAP, Oracle, Intel, Adobe, HP, Dell and dozens more


The highest ratio of english speaking IT specialists per capita


Intellectual property legislation that conforms to EU norms


Visa-free regime for EU and US visitors, 2 hours away from major European capitals

The only western culture in Eastern Europe

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Did you know that...

before World War II, Bucharest was known as “Little Paris”?

And also that...

Romania frequently wins gold prizes at international mathematics and software development contests?

And finaly that...

The second most popular language at Microsoft USA is Romanian?


We provide an exemplary nearshore software development experience, with services ranging from Software Development Outsourcing, Mobile Software Development, IT Team Extension to Business Analytic Capabilities.
Agile. Short time to product. Flexible. Major technologies: .NET/C#, SQL, C++, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, ASP, Python
Discover actionable insights, go beyond “what has happened?” questions, be able to answer questions like “why is this happening?”, “what will happen next?”, “what is the best course of action?”

Why us?

Highest quality software development. Highest caliber people that are easy to work with. Proven expertise. Cultural affinity with US, Canada and Western Europe.
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